About Keely

Brief Summary

Hi everyone! I'm Keely Gallagher, a rising senior at Saint Joseph's University. I'm majoring in Communications, with a minor in Advertising and Promotions. On campuys I'm a Hawk Host (tour guide) and I'm apart of a major-inclusive, business professional fraternity Alpha Kappa Psi
While I am still unsure of what I want to do post-graduation, I know my skills will help me exceed. I have experience in Adobe Applications, Microsoft Suite, Da Vinci Resolve and Audacity. My soft-skills include communication, intrapersonal skills, time-management and orgainzational skills.
I believe in showcasing my personality throguh my work, especially with this website. I want to incorporate my femininity with professionalism, as most careers I'm seeking are male-dominated. I believe in art as a way of expression. My main why of this website to show my skills and work, without losing what aspects make me, me.

Photo of Me

The first image is Keely as a toddler. She is at the beach making a funny face and pose. She is wearing a light blue swim suit. The second image of Keely is when she is 21. It's a selfie. She is in her room with a colorful tapestry in the background. She is slightly smiling. Her hair is straight and she is wearing a grey shirt.